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Abe Han
UX Designer & Software Developer

About Me

Over the last 11 years as a design & development professional, I've worked for creative agencies, interesting startups, and have done freelance work for a variety of clients, ranging from individuals with unique small business needs in a 5-page website, to non-profit educational multilingual platforms with games, to a large telecom sponsoring the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, with an enterprise automated provisioning process needing over 500 pages of wireframes and process flow diagrams.

I've learned a lot from those experiences, but the more I do, the more I discover how much more there is learn, which keeps me motivated to continue exploring, both deeper and broader in turns. Currently, I'm working on an online platform for artists and art professionals worldwide - check it out at www.works.io

Short Personal Bio

I live in Budapest, Hungary, but I'm from Canada. I grew up in Prince Rupert, a small northern west coast town. I attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and later Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts + Technology in Surrey. Since graduating with a degree in Interaction Design, I lived and worked in various countries around the world, and then got married and had kids, meanwhile co-founding a startup.

Besides working, I love to make music (drummed in a rock band, made electro-indie music), do sports (snowboarding, taekwondo, rock climbing, soccer/football, paragliding, hiking), play billiards, travel, read, experience art, and most of all hang out with my family.

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